A Cathedral of Trees

Merrions Wood is a wonderful oak and beech woodland 3 miles from Walsall town centre. Most people, when they visit for the first time, are amazed that this secret woodland is there, tucked away with its beautiful but unassuming entrance next to the historic Merrions Wood Lodge.  From the A34 Birmingham Road, the sign is almost hidden – but many people have been rewarded by discovering this traditional English bluebell woodland.  A walk up the main path (which is actually part of the Beacon Way national trail) will amaze you at all times of the year, as the canopy of leaves and branches above form a natural cathedral.

Its hard to choose which is the best season to visit Merrions Wood, as it is beautiful in spring when the bluebells are in bloom, absolutely alive with woodland birds in the summer, and glorious with colour in the autumn. Even the winter allows magnificent views of the ancient trees, (the woodland may be as old as 12th century!) with their frosty branches against the sky.

But it’s not all about trees at Merrions Wood!  There is a beautiful shady woodland pool which spends its summer reflecting shafts of sunlight from the woodland canopy.  A rustic bridge adds to the feeling that you might bump into a hobbit any minute!  There is also a playing field at the Chapel Lane entrance to the site, where families enjoy picnics and ball games. Many activities take place in the reserve, including guided walks and talks Walsall Countryside Services, and activities with school and play groups.